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Grant Administrative Guidelines and Requirements

What is the Burlington Education Foundation (BEF)?

The BEF is a non-profit organization supporting educational excellence in Burlington Public Schools (BPS). The BEF’s mission is to promote community involvement in public education by channeling donations from businesses and individuals to provide Burlington teachers with an alternative source of funding for creative and innovative curriculum-enrichment programs.

What does innovative curriculum-enrichment mean? 

The BEF defines innovation as the application of information, imagination, and initiative to derive greater or different values from resources. That includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into something useful—whether it’s an experience, a lesson, a product, or something else. To truly be called an innovation, however, an idea must be replicable and must satisfy a specific need.

Who can apply?

Grant proposals are welcome from any staff member of the Burlington Public School community, grades preK-12 (including teachers, professional aides, administrators, students*, and non-teaching staff). While they may not apply directly to the BEF for support, students, parents, and other members of the community are encouraged to collaborate with professional staff in designing and developing worthy projects. The BEF also encourages collaboration across grade levels, schools, and departments.

 *Student applications must be sponsored by a staff member.

What does the BEF fund?

BEF grants should enhance and/or broaden student knowledge, develop and refine teaching techniques, and provide teachers with opportunities that will support and/or enrich the BPS curriculum to encourage lifelong learning.

The BEF funds:

  • Projects that focus on traditional academic subjects, visual and performing arts, engineering and technology, social/emotional learning (SEL), and more.
  • Programs for enrichment, interdisciplinary study, emerging technologies, and the promotion of collaborative learning experiences.
  • Projects that demonstrate partnerships between and among teachers, schools, and disciplines.
  • Adaptations of existing programs for another grade level or school.
  • Books or equipment as a new addition to the curriculum or an innovative enhancement to existing programming.
  • Professional development, but only for new programs or innovative teaching methods.
  • Programs that enhance the existing curriculum through visits from outside speakers, performers, or artists.

What will not be funded?

The BEF does not fund any costs associated with the following:

  • Basic school needs/supplies.
  • Professional development that is not for a new or innovative program.
  • Books, technology, or equipment that replaces outdated materials for existing programs.
  • Expansion of the quantity of existing technology in the absence of a new innovative use or need.
  • Ongoing funding for existing programs.
  • Transportation for students or staff (performer or expert travel fees will be considered).
  • Food for grant participants unless integral to the grant implementation.
  • Substitute teachers.
  • Previously approved projects at the same school.
  • Replication of a successful program at a different school.
  • Any expenses incurred before grant funds are available.

What are the BEF’s funding criteria?

The BEF will review all applications and award grants based on the following criteria and in accordance with the Foundation’s available budget:

  • the creativity and innovation of the project.
  • the clarity of the goals and objectives.
  • the feasibility and specificity of the proposed plans.
  • how the project will meet a specific need in the curriculum.
  • the anticipated impact of the project on the Burlington Public Schools.

What does the grant process entail? 

Before applying for your grant, please discuss the project with your school administrators. All grant proposals must have the administrative support from the principal of the school where the project will take place. After receiving the grant applications, the BEF will seek approval from the BPS Central Administration Office. The Grant Committee will then decide which grants to fund. Grant proposals must be made using the online form, which contains budget details. The application is found on the BEF website: Non-electronic-delivered applications will not be accepted.


The BEF accepts proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year. You will be notified when we receive your application and will hear from the BEF within one month to let you know the status of your grant.

What are the responsibilities of the grant recipients?

Implement and publicize your creative, funded idea!

  • Be sure to photograph and publicize your project. Some ideas include, but are not limited to: school newsletter, BPS blogs, Burlington local papers, or other media. Don’t forget to share with the BEF!
  • Include the following statement when writing or speaking about your grant: “This project is funded by a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation.”

In addition to implementing the proposed project effectively, all grant recipients are required to do the following:

  • seek approval from the BEF for any changes in the implementation or focus of the project, and notify the BEF if you will be leaving the school system before the project is completed
  • complete the grant project within 12 months of being awarded the grant or the money will return to the BEF
  • submit a detailed final budget for the project along with the summary report